1. Hey there Stephens E & N, just a quick note to say congratulations on your new podcast! You guys are off to a great start with the first episode of the Black Ink Red Film with your discussion of Stephen KIng’s Pet Semetary.
    Easily in my top 5 of KIng’s stories, for all the great reasons you both pointed out, but mainly for me that ever-present sense of dread running throughout the book, and arguably the most horrific and heartbreaking scene I’ve ever experienced in a book – Gage’s death!
    And while you’ll no doubt be discussing more of King’s works in future episodes, I’m also looking forward to hearing about other authors and the movies based on their tales. In particular, I hope you’ll be looking at the works of Richard Matheson, whose influence has been cited by both Stephen King and George A. Romero.
    Again, great show gents!

    Todd McGowan

    1. Author

      Hey Todd, Thanks for the message. I’m glad you enjoyed our first show. So we will be doing 2 more Stephen King books this season (starting with the Shining next month) As for your future episode suggestions, we absolutely have I Am Legend/Omega Man in the queue as well as either an episode/season on Zombies. Zombies will be interesting as there are fewer definitive zombie adaptations beyond World War Z, Walking Dead, and perhaps Serpent and the Rainbow.

      Thanks again for your support!

  2. Enjoyed this! I haven’t read Pet Sematary in forever but will have to pick up my copy and revisit! Thanks 😀

    1. Author

      Aw! Thanks for listening! So glad you enjoyed it.

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