Your hosts Stephen N and Stephen E discuss The Mummy. Starting with Karl Freund’s 1932 classic starring Boris Karloff all the way through Alex Kurtzmans’ 2017 version starring Tom Cruise.

We also discuss the relevance of Bram Stoker’s, The Jewel of Seven Stars.

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“The Mummy” (1932)
Dir: Karl Freund
Boris Karloff
Spawned four sequels
Killed by Abbott and Costello in 1955

“The Mummy’s Hand” (1940)
Dir: Christy Carbanne
Dick Foran, Peggy Moran, George Zucco

“The Mummy” (1959)
Dir: Terence Fisher
Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee
Spawned three additional Hammer Mummy films
First Mummy film in color

“Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb” (1971)
Dir: Seth Holt
Valerie Leon
First adaptation of “The Jewel of Seven Stars”

“The Awakening” (1980)
Dir: Mike Newell
Charlton Heston, Stephanie Zimbalist
Second adaptation of “The Jewel of Seven Stars”

“The Tomb” (1986)
Dir: Fred Olen Ray (“Scalps”, “Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers”)
Michelle Bauer, Sybil Danning, Cameron Mitchell, John Carradine
Third adaptation of “The Jewel of Seven Stars”
Man pulls beer bottle out of his taint

“The Mummy” (1999)
Dir: Stephen Sommers
Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, Arnold Vosloo
Spawned 2 sequels; 5 “Scorpion King” films

“Bubba Ho-Tep” (2002)
Dir: Don Coscarelli
Bruce Campbell, Ossie Davis

“The Fallen Ones” (2005)
Dir: Kevin VanHook
Casper Van Dien, Tom Bosley, Robert Wagner, Geoffrey Lewis

“The Mummy” (2017)
Dir: Alex Kurtzman
Tom Cruise


  • The Jewel of Seven Stars, Bram Stoker, 1903
  • The Woman Who Would Be King: Hatshepsut’s Rise to Power in Ancient Egypt, Dr. Kara Cooney, 2014

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